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April 27th, 2014, 17:51
As part of the fundraiser we have won (amongst others) the following:

  • Design an Item
    Please describe an item. Give it a name and a backstory. Also describe, if applicable, what it can be used for. Please keep your item within the fantasy realm. You can create an item that can be picked up or a heavy, unmovable item. Your item will be in the final game for everyone to find and use.
  • Design a NPC
    Please choose a name for an NPC, race, and gender. You can choose what it should look like to a certain extent.
The following has been mentioned already:
"Specs of the Watch" : lets you see in the dark
"Lens of the Watch" : focuses the sun's rays, particularly useful against insects.
"Glass of the watch" : When used on a scroll or book, translates text in other languages.

Spyglass of the Watch: Lets you see enemies from a distance beyond the Fog of War.

The Magic throne.
Sitting on this throne increases your powers tenfold with an accompanying glow effect. Unfortunately this transformation only works in the throne room. Created by a wizard/king that had a treacherous court. Used mostly for show. The down side is you need a healer after the power wears off.

"The watcher on the shore" - can tell you if any ships have passed by recently…
Maybe he could man that watchtower that Larian are going to put somewhere.

The watcher. A time traveler stuck in the Divinity World with no way to get back. The traveler is a regular guy from our time that stumbled onto the time machine (reverse of Futurama). People from the divinity world think he's crazy because he's always talking about cars, planes, computers and televisions. They always tell him who needs all those mechanical gizmos when we got magic. The watcher remembers some science from school, so the local give him some respect, but he is not a scientist an messes up quite a bit.

As for the NPC I agree with calling it The Watcher but was thinking of something like a Golem, for example Shale from Dragon Age. He could be a statue that has looked out into a city seeing all the things that have come and gone. Magic has brought the statue to life. Now that the golem can move and talk it offers pithy comments. Maybe it could say comment on your decision and whether they are a waste of time or not, just like the site steers us toward good RPG's to play and away from the crappy ones.
I would like to invite you all to name add your ideas of a good item and or NPC that fits RPGWatch.
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