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April 28th, 2014, 14:09
okay …

The spies of the Watchers are a secret society that collects and deals with information.
You need to find an rare item in the world? - they know the location - for a price.
Adventurers, Kings, Witches and Outcasts are contacting the Watchers whenever there's is a lost thing to find, a person to search or a secret to detect.
They are hard to find and only a few people know how to reach them.

Most people like them except their archenemies … the rotten imps from the Codex. In a battle for information and might these two forces are fighting for centuries.

If the player is a friend of the Watchers he can buy secrets for a (high) price.

Unfortunately he'll have a hard time with the Imps… unless he knows the secrets to play both sides…
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