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May 8th, 2014, 20:48
Yeah, Undying! Love the game. Really love it. And all the nice asses … I mean, donkeys.

I finished Hexen for the nth time … after I replayed the vanilla DOS version as a fighter last month, I played the latest Doomsday version this turn, and as a mage at that. Unfortunately, some things don't work very well in the latter … there are collision/clipping issues that make it impossible to walk some of the star bridges or reach some originally reachable spots without using cheats. But boy, I haven't played a mage in such a long time that I totally forgot just *how* overpowered he is when compared with the other classes. His basic weapon is a) long distance, b) the shots punch through enemies/don't rebound and c) you can take out all the bosses with it, provided you have enough room to run around them in circles. And because this basic staff is such a grand weapon, the mage is the only class in the game that actually *doesn't* need mana …! Hehe.
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