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May 9th, 2014, 14:21
From the trailer, it appeared that Inquisition will be one The Witcher 2 game too late.

DA2 was extremelly sad on the technological side, so few technological candies in it.

So they are trying to catch with that episode, still looks like they are dragging to the level of TW2.

The good point for Inquisition, they will be favoured by the press. TW2 was destroyed for being a high tech product assembled in Poland.
Very likely, TW3 will also be subjected to undeserved blame for the same reason.
While Bioware will benefit from the leniency of the press.

Originally Posted by CelticFrost View Post
" Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms."

Why the PS3 and Xbox360 platforms besides to grab as many sales as they can.

If they are truly trying to redeem themselves you would think they would follow in Witcher foot steps and skip those platforms completely.
It is common business to use both generations of consoles to amortize a project when a new generation of consoles is launched.

Project can do otherwise because they are rather on the low side of budgetting and want to keep proving their high technological expertise by provide vanguard technological features. So they cant do on older consoles.

Inquisition is on the same level of TW2 so Bioware can do that thing.
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