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May 9th, 2014, 18:19
Gamemoir has a new article that talks about what they think our the five most agonizing choices from all BioWare Games. Here is a small sample I picked out below.

BioWare has given us dozens of memorable choices to make over the years, and have pushed forward storytelling in video games to previously unthought-of heights along the way. The true test of whether or not a choice has any meaning is how it makes you think and feels, and BioWare regularly serves up some emotional doozies.

The way I play these types of games is to make my choices and stick with them; even if I regret them. Most of the time, I donít go back and load a previous save. I prefer to deal with the consequences of my actions as if the story wasnít just a game. My first playthrough is my canon playthrough for always; no takebacks allowed. I want to see how the game bears out my on the spot decisions made with good intentions, even if things end up going full Breaking Bad on me.

In the best cases, I may make the decisions I think are right, and the results may seem horribly wrong when itís said and done. Thatís when you know youíre playing something thatís more than a simple video game. Thatís when itís interactive art. Here are the moments BioWare has given me control and left me wondering for years afterwards if I did the right thing or regretting that I failed to do it.
More information.
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