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May 9th, 2014, 17:29
That whole article is a joke.
Geth or Quarians?
What choice are we talking about exactly? Just get both on your side.

Oh and Ashley/Alenko choice?
You want two useless soldiers in ME3? Save Ashley. Pair her with the most boring Bioware character ever - James Vega. And then cry.
You want OP mob instakill combos performed by Alenko/Garrus, Alenko/Liara or Alenko/Javik? Let Ashley die before EA gives her botox treatment.
I don't see how can that be a tough choice to make.

Yea, okay, you maybe wanted to have both and romance both in ME3… That's not possible and from that perspective it does make a complicated issue. But then again it's not possible to romance two characters at the same time, so…
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