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May 9th, 2014, 19:16
Well, to be fair, the rpg player pool is a cow heavy crowd anyway. It attracts obsessive types who min-max, grind, and want every cool thing available. These are just the sort who pay money for in-game items, companions, and every bonus and trinket possible. Taking advantage of them for their impulses will hopefully not go unchecked.

If you have an ioS device, you should check out the popular rpg titles. They don't even sell content, they just sell get-of-grinding buffs. Most allow players to pay $50 to $100 (repeatable) for in-game currency that lets them have the most powerful, coolest looking character possible. Most of these are FTP and multi-player, so they suck you in for 5-10 hours and then let you get slaughtered against paid-up players or grind against OP npcs until you want to cough up the money or quit.

I hope the ioS environment never makes it way to pc's and consoles, or games will purposefully be made boring unless you pay money to side-step grinding. If you don't think it could happen, Blizzard just released its first ios title (also on PC). Pay $1 to $40 to buy more decks, pay $1.50 each chance in the arena.
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