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May 10th, 2014, 01:33
Aww, they didn't include one of my favorites. In DA1 a succubus had a soldier enthralled - the soldier thought he was living out a life with a wife and children and the succubus was somehow feeding off the experience. There's no way to save the soldier from the succubus. If you attack, the thinks you are attacking his wife & kids and attacks. So give the demon her way or break the guy out of the lie but kill him in the process?

I went for the latter option but for "cheap" reasons. The castle was not going to stay empty once I cleared it out and the soldiers that would eventually follow me would definitely not want to leave a "succubus family" living in one of the rooms. The soldier was pretty much doomed. What's more, if those follow up soldiers tried to handle this, half of them would likely die where as my party could take care of it with no long term losses. So I slaughtered the lot of them. (Or tried to - I think it took three tries before I survived that battle.)

The gist of the article is definitely right, though. The BioWare folks are the champs at giving us tricky problems like this. (And "Towers of Hanoi" puzzles. )
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