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May 10th, 2014, 03:58
To be fair, I do admit I felt some kind of dilemma with some choices in Bioware games. Well, sort of, then I felt quite cheated and it made me furious in some cases.


Above happened because I was attached to Anomen. Often it depends on your emotional attachment with individual characters who's involved in conflict.

In my case, I couldn't give a damn if I hurt Merrill's feeling because I really disliked her (I only wish there was a way to get rid of her!), so no dilemma there. Kaidan vs Ashley? I disliked both. I think in most cases, people saved possible *romance option*. That's certainly what I did since *romance option* companions tend to me more chatty. The author mentioned he always wondered "What was Kaidan going to be like in the third game?". Well, he doesn't need to, because they do *exact* same thing.

But some good memorable conflicts were present in DA:O. I really liked Landsmeet. To choose Alistair to marry my warden or Anora or rule alone? None of them really felt right because my human noble warden was in romantic relationship with Alistair, wouldn't want him to marry Anora, but if my warden becomes a Queen, all sorts of problem happens (no heir & Morrigan's ritual, which was really freaky) etc. Ritual was also interesting choice - considering my warden is in love with Alistair, going through ritual wasn't exactly a cheerful thought, so it could also be plausible to go through sacrifice. Either way, it made me think and play a "role" of my warden depending on personality I chose for her.

So yeah, I think Bioware is good enough with the choices, enjoyable enough
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