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May 10th, 2014, 05:44
As far as side-scrolling beat 'em ups went, Dragon Ninja as it was called in Japan (and Australia for that matter) wasn't that hard actually. I beat it on the arcade a couple of times in a nearby fish and chip shop back in the early 90s.
As a kid, I loved the back-kick to roundhouse combination! I was more disappointed the C64 conversion wasn't quite up to scratch. Still, like its predecessor Two Crude Dudes, they were eminently playable and plenty of fun to match. Some great memories too! I don't particularly have a problem with the game design either.

As for Dark Souls, a guide is not a requirement for everyone to enjoy the game. I'll just say that from personal experience. I think it's more on subsequent play through's to find missed content or gauge the consequences for a particular NPC story line, that checking a wiki is the more likely scenario for me. That's certainly what I did for the first game at any rate. Why spoil the mystery and appeal of learning for yourself?
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