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May 11th, 2014, 02:11
Thanks for the coverage, rpgwatch! I'm the lead engine/toolkit developer for ES, Falco Girgis.

Originally Posted by screeg
Another great win for Generic Fantasy Name Generator!
Actually the name is an oxymoron in reference to the "shadows of paradise," which is not only extremely relevant to our storyline, but it also emphasizes the over-arching themes of the game…

Originally Posted by daveyd
It's easy to say "this will be just the classic 16-bit RPGs like Chrono Trigger- only better!" but actually delivering on that won't be easy.
You're absolutely right. We're a team of extremely passionate engineers, artists, and musicians, who all grew up playing these classic games… We're all committed to doing them justice with our own project. We spent several years developing an engine and development suite from the ground-up, capable of pushing the pixel-art medium to its limits. We want to evolve the genre. We are marrying traditional 2D pixeled sprites and advanced rendering techniques like dynamic lighting, omnidirectional dynamic shadows, bump mapping, and specular highlights.

If you have any questions (or doubts) about the project, feel free to let me know… Please check out our site and video series before passing judgement… This is a very serious and ambitious project, fueled by blood, sweat, and tears.
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