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May 12th, 2014, 05:49
Finished DA:O a couple of days ago and already more than half way through Awakening. I don't know why both Orzamma and Brecillian Forest seemed like forever in my last few playthroughs, but this time I finished them without feeling too tedious. I even finished Fade without using Skip the Fade mod. I have to admit, I really enjoyed it.

I've played DA:O with Ser Gilmore mod and also playing Awakening with Ser Gilmore & Dog mod. It's quite overwhelming to manage 8 NPCs compared to the usual 6 as Awakening is quite a short game and you can only take 3 companions at once, which resulted in less approval from each companions than usual.

Oh, Anders, how much he has changed in DA2… everytime I play Awakening, I cry for Anders. What happened to this easy going, funny mage with an adorable cat?

Btw, I do hate the crafting in Awakening… I spent all my gold making just a few Masterpiece runes and not even sure if that was worth it!
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