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Default To Ivarstead

May 12th, 2014, 21:49
Some shots from a new story I am working on.


The journey begins from Riften. After completing a job for Maven, Grim informs Bryn that he, Erik, and Wolfgar are taking a week's vacation to relax in Ivarstead.

Grim pauses to watch Wolfgar. A gentle breeze is blowing as the sun begins to set, leaves swirling in the fresh Nordic air.

Wolfgar, Prince of Wolves. Wolfgar following his best buddy Grim. Behind him a wolf watches from the distance, although not a danger as Grim is friends to all wild animals.

Two friends stop to admire the view as they pass through the Rift and head to the Throat of the World. Quiet little Ivarstead is like a village out of time, safe from the usual worries of the rest of the world.

They stop at a local homestead on the way. Talking to the Rift Guard they get advice on the best place to get a good lunch in exchange for some wood chopping.

Time for a drink of water and short break. Wolfgar watches happily while Erik is on guard for danger.

To Ivarstead we go. Need to meet up with Sam, aka Sanguine the Daedric Prince of Debauchery. He has invited the team to a drinking contest.


Story will have a few parts and has the group searching for a sacred grove to Kynareth. Many thanks to Vurt (of SFO and RPGWatch fame) for creating the strawberry textures for me!

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