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May 21st, 2014, 20:59
No, what I am saying is, that this would have been a better choice.

I am a tactician by heart and on paper I should prefer Transistor over Bastion, but I didn't. I was hooked by Bastion due to it's weird style and humor. While the combat was not my thing it felt good. Maybe you played any of the Diablo games. One reason for their popularity is because the combat "feels good", you get good audiovisual feedback. That is completely independent on whether you like the combat system or the rest of the game at all.

But this is not the case in Transistor. The combat doesn't feel good, it's not implemented well, it's fiddling, it's components don't work together. You don't have a good idea about what you are doing and in addition it is also quite easy.
Yes, there are skill combinations and as I wrote it sounds good on paper. But the interface for that isn't good and also due to the unprecise fight and low difficulty they don't really feel important or relevant.
It's like I give you 4 skills with 3,4,5,6 damage and you need to add them together to 2 skills. Will you chose a 7 and 11? Or a 9 and 9? At least to me it felt exciting like this.
The combat feels repetitive and boring. And even the music, one of the highlights of bastion, isn't on par here. I almost felt annoyed by the music change every time I hit turn() to get into the planning phase.
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