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May 21st, 2014, 23:28
Yes, you can increase the difficulty by adding "limiters". They add something nasty and at the same time they give you more experience. They are not explained really in the game though as many other things aren't. Btw: as with tipps like "you can press to enter planning mode", you also get a hint like "When not in combat, press Q to flourish". But it never tells you what this does. The answer is in the forums: A Developer lifted the mystery and said, that it does nothing. Great. As I said, the game is artsy and forgets to be practical.
But back to limiters. While it is possible to use them and increase difficulty later on (you don't have these limiters available in the beginning or not to an extend to make it hard), at some point this would also feel like crippling yourself.
Personally I prefer to set the difficulty right in the beginning and make it unchangeable. I always set games on hardest to force me though it, even if it's just for own satisfaction to achieve something and maybe a steam achievement. But here you don't really have such an "hardest setting". Or at least it rather feels like "ok, now play doom with chainsaw only". I mean, such a mode is a cool addition. But the base difficulty should be ok.
In transistor you have HP and when you would die, you get an additional pause mode, and when you die again, you lose one skill temporarily and when you die again, you lose another one temporarily, and then when you die, you lose another and then…when you die again…you lose the last one.
This again - is never explained in the game.
I didn't even play that long as I mentioned before. I had two limiters (both active), played about 2,5 of the 5-7h and had one situation where I lost one of these skills temporarily (btw, you get full hp after each fight - something most of the old-school gamers hate in shooters, but here suddenly nobody bothers about it).

Let me quote PCGamer here
Combat is on the easy side, though—I only died twice throughout the game, and I played at least half of it with a combination of "limiters" equipped.

Limiters unlock throughout the game and make the Process spawn in greater numbers or hit harder or gain protective shields. Fighting with limiters engaged earns Red more experience. I could've made Transistor even tougher, but I enjoyed the balance I found with three out of 10 limiters equipped. I never want to use the limiter that reduces my memory pool, for example, because then I couldn't have as much fun combining functions.

With three limiters engaged, I did bottom out my health bar in some of Transistor's more intense fights. But that's not a death sentence—it overloads and disables an active function, restores your health, and lets you fight on. This led to some of my favorite battles, as I suddenly had to figure out how to finish off the Process with my go-to damage abilities disabled. I finished one battle with a single active function left. When they're all gone, it's lights out.
I guess in the end the thing about limiters and difficulty is a matter of taste.
But personally I don't like this way of doing it - and in the first hours (again, this game is only 5-7h long) you don't have a choice anyways.
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