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May 21st, 2014, 23:58
Originally Posted by Fanest View Post
What if u dont use pause at all, does this make game more challenging?
Sorry, totall missed out that one.
The developers mentioned in a presentation that people who don't like the planning phase can just not use it and play in action mode.
While that is possible in theory, it's impractical.

First, units are moving in a speed which makes them hard to hit. In real time it's much harder to hit anything. Skills take longer and remember that all enemies kinda hover, which gives it a little bit of additional uncleariness about where your strike needs to land.
In addition the "turn" mode isn't just to plan like the next couple of seconds. Everything you plan will be executed in a compressed timeframe. Meaning you hit faster, you run much faster and so on. In addition you can make sure you hit everything as you can plan every single strike in a way that it hits (well, some might not hit due to movement, but that is the exception due to the compressed timeframe).
Meaning out of the turn mode you don't do much damage but die rather quickly. The Game is designed arount the planning mode. So your job in the 4-5 seconds or so is to not get hit aka "running like a little girl". It's not really fun, but maybe necessary to appreciate the turn function more.
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