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May 22nd, 2014, 06:05
Some games released early by TSR involved the use of pre-rolled characters. The player was handed a role to play. This was not unlike acting but after The Rogues Gallery supplement was put out it looks like just a cash grab to sell whatever material they have handy.

There's another method too: Ultima 4's question and answer interview. It was re-used in Morrowind but ultimately you could ignore it. In U4 you have the start of the pre-rolled party idea, where the player rolls only one character and picks up the rest. This proved pretty useful especially in BG.

This all leads to an idea I've recently had in not telling the player what their stats were until they were pretty invested in the game. Their actions dictating where they go from there.

Another idea was to start everyone at 10 and acquire points as they level. I had considered that for Wizard's Grave at one point.
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