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May 22nd, 2014, 14:38
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
The advantage, in my mind at least. Is that when rolling you can build any kind of character you want.

If I want six overpowered guys I can roll until I have that. If I just want fate to decide I can just roll once and go with it. If I enjoyed the point buy system I could even roll until I get the same points that offers.

Rolling simply gives me as much or little control as I want. Also in CRPG's you usually have the option to redistribute your points after you roll so in that case not being able to make a paladin would rarely if ever happen.

That's my reasoning anyway.
It doesn't seem a bit silly to keep rolling the dice instead of simply assigning points?

The rolling system wasn't meant to be abused. Well, not as far as I know. It was meant to balance characters, and that's where it fails, because RNG is simply not up to that task.

If you want to cheat, then simply assigning more points than the normal amount would seem to be quite a bit more rational and time-efficient




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