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May 23rd, 2014, 18:09
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
One of my bigger gripes so far is the quests early on on the 2nd island where stealbeard guides you to the tribal and inquisition camps. The distances were too far and really cramped my style of slow and methodical exploration from a starting point. Before I knew it, I was running across the entire island following stealbeard. In Risen 1, where the first male NPC you meet will show you two locations, but each one is just a short run from where you find the male NPC. I was expecting something like this, not running across the entire island.
When I read this, I thought I would hate this part, since I like to be thorough in exploration and I hate following NPCs across large distances when I could be exploring instead. BUT, in practice, these quests are actually great in Risen 2 because they give you a sort of guided tour of the island. I have more of an understanding where certain areas connect to each other now and when I do free roam and explore, I'll know my way around a bit better. Also, it's nice to clear out a path of enemies so I know where I've been. These types of quests seem to really work well in this game.
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