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May 25th, 2014, 00:04
Well, I went ahead and got it, and I'm having a really good time! Easily the best time I've had with a sprite(?) based game in eons.

It's got ALL the basic stuff you can put in a 4X game: espionage, diplomacy, ship design, space critters, and pirates. Lots and LOTS of pirates. You can even play as a pirate! The big thing that's different, though, is the sheer scale of it. Your galaxy can have a thousand+ stars and those stars each have multiple planets.

To handle all that hugeness, the game has tons of automation options. In other 4X games I'll only automate parts of the game that I really don't like - if that. In this one, I'm just picking out one or two things I do like and automating the rest! That's been pretty helpful for learning the game, too.

There's plenty of stuff on the web about how the game works - though I decided to just start reading the manual to see how it played.
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