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May 25th, 2014, 01:59
I'm at the ending of Blackguards, but after so many punishing fights I'm just tired. When the hero first escapes the dungeon with his 2 new companions, in the dialog you're given a choice whether to be open about what happened to you or to remain silent. I thought this is what the game would be all about, dialogs and choices! Instead it turned out to be all about combat, with fights against opponents such as the Nine Hordes being particularly annoying.

It's a very nice game all in all, but I wish there would be more dialogs, plus social, crafting and rogue skills like in the River of Time. Some of the choices you're presented with are clearly fake. What I did like is that it's well put together and there is no filler activity, such as checking barrels for coins or meaningless repetitive combat, also as in the River of Time.

One episode shocked me where the Dwarf tried to sell the savage, even though the party has been together through hell. I thought that by this time they'd become buddies.
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