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May 26th, 2014, 05:32
Alright I have some good news regarding the upcoming update (v1.0.1) for Small Chronicles!

Yup you've asked for it so here it is! Skill and stats reset stones will be arriving in the next update!

I have added them so that you will be able to reset your skills and stats and experiment on various different builds.
Their cost depends on your highest character level so use them wisely as they don't come cheap!

On top of that, I have also made some balancing in regards to the characters' skills - specifically One Guy and Fury Storm.

Both One Guy and Fury Storm can now only be used once per story stage and will cost you all your mana (mp) in league matches!

This will definitely make league matches more interesting! So now you'll have to decide if you want to gamble and use One Guy/Fury Storm or play safe and use other skills.

Life's more interesting when you take a gamble!
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