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June 1st, 2014, 02:39
I won't post all the chapters, as there are a TON of them, but I just concluded the tale with the strawberries and wanted to share it - as I really appreciated Vurt's kindness in surprising me with a texture:

Grim Tales - Grove Hopping - Mother Grim P21
From the Annuals of Grimulfr Fenrirson as told by WolfGrimDark

This story follows from Grim Tales – The Beauty Within - Mother Grim P20 and is the conclusion to Sam’s quest.



… Grim, Erik, and Wolfgar have just arrived at Evergreen Grove and are investigating the Rune Stones …

While Erik began to look over the various stones, Grim removed his heavier armor for something lighter; from the looks of it he was going to be getting wet. By the time he was done Erik had found something.

“Hey Grim, come here for a moment. I don’t have your language skills but I am pretty sure this symbol stands for fire. I also noticed each stone, except one, has a symbol on it. I suspect one for each element.”

Grim sprinted over to the stone Erik was examining and nodded, “Good eye Erik, that is indeed the ancient Atmorian symbol for fire. Guess some of those lessons are finally paying off.”

During the carriage trip to Falkreath the two men had discussed the riddle of the portal in great detail, including the item needed for the last element on their list, that of air. They both agreed that the “Breath of Kynareth” could only be Grim’s Thu’um. All they had to do now was figure out how to activate each of the stones. Erik suggested they try the most obvious first, that of placing each ritual object on the ritual stones one by one. Grim had agreed, thinking he would add a short prayer to Kynareth as well; couldn’t hurt to show his respect he thought.

Grim takes the Flame of the Skyforge and places it on top of the first rune stone. As it bursts into flame he steps back to avoid the intense heat. The fire shall light his way to the Strawberry Grove.

Moving clockwise Grim now moves to the next stone, which has the rune of water engraved on it. He takes out the water he gathered at Witchmist Grove and pours it over the top of the top of the stone. In moments dark storm clouds gather over the Grove and it starts to rain.

The life giving tears of Kyne wash over Grim, cleansing his mind and soul for the journey.

The next stone is that of earth and for this Grim pulls out the Soil of Rorikstead and places the dirt on the top of the stone.

In moments the entire grove begins to shake with ground tremors. A whirlwind of mud whips up and around Grim, grounding him to the physical world of Nirn so he will be able to find his way back.

The last element is that of Air, the Breath of Kynareth. Unsure of what will happen when he performs the last element, Grim tells to Erik to watch over Wolfgar until he returns, suspecting that Kyne will only allow him to enter.

Grim approaches the stone of air and taking a deep breath and shouts Fus Ro Dah! The power of his voice ripples across the pond and forces open the way.

Seeing a rip in space forming above the water, Grim enters the water and heads for the rip. As he does a thick mist rises up out of the water.

Soon the mist obscures everything and Grim feels a sense of vertigo and disorientation.

In a moment the mist begins to dissipate and Grim is able to see again, although it is clear he is no longer at the Evergreen Grove. Erik and Wolfgar are nowhere to be seen, although he can still sense Wolfgar deep in the back of his mind. Looking around he sees that he is in a primeval forest thick with an enchanted fog that surrounds him.

Grim could not help but think how long it has been since a mortal walked in this sacred Grove. Clearly some had otherwise the legends and ritual would not exist; perhaps her priests and champions once knew the way.

Not knowing which way to go he picked a path at random only to be stopped as the fog and wind pushed him back. Slowly he turned until he felt the wind at his back. Moving slowly he let the wind guide him where it wanted him to go. As he did the fog would slide away to eitehr side, opening the way.

The almost overwhelming smell of strawberries sought out Grim’s nose as the wind guided him to an immense field of strawberry plants, heavy with their berries and delicate white flowers. The scent brought back memories of his youth, when Marissa use to bake her wonderful strawberry tarts for him and Velulfr. A deep and abiding sense of peace and joy filled his entire being and he stopped for moment to savor the moment. As he did the wind whispered to him, not in words but on some intrinsic level that spoke to his soul. Almost as if it was imprinting memories directly into his mind instead of speaking the actual words.

*You have done well my child, know that I am proud of you. Take my artifact for the Defender of Whiterun with my blessing. Tell Sanguine I am pleased with his help with Moira and know that you may trust him. Send my regards to the Old Wolf but heed this warning on dealing with Hircine; he cares for you, and you need not fear him, but his way is not your way and it is a wise wolf who treads carefully around the Old Wolf. No go, take my earrings, and know I shall be watching you.*

Grim shook himself and realized he was standing in a ring of strawberry plants. As if his hand had a mind of its own he bent down to look for the ancient earrings of Kynareth.

There, buried among the plants, he saw two gems sparkling with the red of a strawberry.

Picking them up gently he stood and looked into the mist, unsure of what to do next.

The fog started to close in rapidly and the wind seemed to pushing him forward. He broke into a run and as he did lightning began to crackle around him and in moments he felt himself fading away from the grove.

Darkness enveloped him. Slowly light returned and when it did Grim realized he was not back at the Evergreen Grove.

Looking around he realized he was in yet another grove and not one on Nirn; that was obvious from the otherworldly dome of light that surrounded the grove.

Reaching out he sensed Wolfgar very close by, who barked with joy in his mind at his return. Wolfgar told him that he and Erik were safe with Sam and they were all waiting for him.

Smiling with relief, Grim let Wolfgar guide him to where everyone was waiting.

In a few minutes Grim saw lights a head and heard the sounds of merriment and laughter. Sure enough, as he rounded the corner, there was Sam smiling and waving at him to join the party.

Grim, towering over everyone, walked over to greet Sam and his friends. Sam’s face burst into a happy smile as he greeted his nephew. As he did Grim could not help but notice that the lanterns in the grove became brighter and somehow friendlier; it was almost as if they reflected Sam’s mood in some manner.

“Tis good to see you nephew and I sense the earrings on you, not that I had any doubt you would succeed.” Sam said, pulling Erik and Grim away from the table of revelers. As he said this the air rippled around him and in a moment it was the Daedric Prince Sanguine who stood before them in all his glory.

“Considering everything I have put you through I think it only fair that you see me in my Daedric form. Take this as a measure of my trust and respect for you nephew.”

Grim nodded, noting that even in Daedric form Sam was a very handsome entity who exuded a raw sensuality that he found hard to ignore. Judging from Erik’s red face he suspected he was suffering the same reaction. However, as if sensing their discomfort, Sanguine began telling some bawdry jokes that had them all laughing and feeling at ease in moments. Few wore the mortals, or even divine, who could resist his charm when he wanted.

Feeling more relaxed, Grim reaches into his pouch to pull out the Strawberry Earrings of Kynareth. Sanguine’s eyes widen and he grins in admiration of their beauty as he takes them from Grim.

“Amazing! She will be so surprised, I can hardly wait to give them to her! I am in your debt Grim and that is no small thing. Know that you may count on me as your ally in the struggles you will soon face.” Sanguine said, clasping Grim on the shoulder firmly.

Slightly embarrassed Grim took refuge in his Black Wolf training and gave Sanguine a simple salute while Erik gave both of them a rousing cheer.

“I must also thank you for the very entertaining revelation of Moira and Killian; even I was surprised at how that worked out. I suspect Kynareth was playing her own game with me … but I can’t complain all things considered. The love those two still feel for each other, after all this time, it seems such a hard thing to cope with. I sometimes wonder if I will ever understand such a complex feeling as mortal love and its selfless nature …” Sam said, a faraway look in his eyes.

“Enough of this, I have delayed you long enough and you have much work to do back in Skyrim. I feel that after all you have done I would be a poor host to not give you at least something for your trouble.” Sam said, thinking for a moment before he smiled and then reached out to touch Grim and Erik on the forehead with his hands.

Both of them felt a moment of dizziness then nothing. They looked at Sam, confused, who explained, “Give it a day or two but your drunken memories will soon return. At some point I expect you will meet my detestable brother Hermaeus Mora, whose domain is memories, and it is best if you are fully aware of all things in your past lest he use some of those memories to try and manipulate you. I suspect that is but one of many reasons that Fenrir wished you to face your past with the Thalmor. Now it is time for you to go, get your wolf out of the sausages Grim and I will send you on your way.”

While Grim went to get Wolfgar, Sanguine turned to Erik and in a quick quiet voice said, “I admire a man who can hold his own among titans, such as you do in Grim’s company. He will need loyal friends like you in the times to come. In thanks for the entertainment you have given me I offer you this advice; always remember who and what you are Erik for that will save you in the end.”

Erik had no time to respond to those enigmatic words before Grim was back. With a wave of Sanguine's hand the world began to vanish. As it did Erik heard Sanguine’s voice one last time in his mind.

* … beware the temptation of my brother Hircine … *


ENB: Grim and Somber Enchanted v3.5.3

Mods: Way too many to list but a couple of interest to this story are:

Ultimate Assortment by Favoredsoul by Favoredsoul for Earrings

Daggerfall-Inspired Sanguine by Saint_Jiub (tweaked by me to adjust a few things)

Special Mention and thanks to:

Vurt of SFO fame. He created the strawberry texture for me and pointed me in the right direction on what NIF mesh to link it up to. I was able to plant it into part of the ground foliage by attaching it to forest grass mesh (although far from perfect, I lack the skill for that). I then adjusted the NIF for an item in the game so it would use the same mesh and texture. This let me use the “placeatme” command and I could then “drop” strawberry plants all over the place. Would not have been possible without Vurt’s help and he made this story possible in a way.

Nataly of Dannee and Sam fame for her amazing stories and giving me permission to do this “cross-over” story with Dannee and Sam.

Jessb81 of Rathe and Fleur fame for inspiring me to constantly seek to improve on my meager writing skills.
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