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June 2nd, 2014, 08:49
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
I had a similar struggle with Gardens. It does get better if you can manage to slog thru. I'm up to Book 5 now. I've been spacing them out a good bit because they do require more attention than most fantasy.
What dte said. Gardens was a fairly big "whaaaa?" and I felt rather indifferent towards all the characters. For a long time I didn't even know what the "Moon" was supposed to be. It's a pity that the book is such a big hurdle, but things do make a lot more sense in retrospect as tiles snap into place and you realize the incredible scope of things.

I'm following the Malazan Reading order which intermingles Esslemont's Malazan books with Erikson's. I recently finished:

Night of Knives
More personal and smaller compared to Erikson's stories; we have sort of only two main protagonists and the story takes place in Malaz City in the night in which Kellanved, Dancer and Surly did their thing. It was OK. Like Gardens it was a first effort… but it did whet my appetite for…

The Bonehunters
I'm only three chapters in and already there were major revelations. Also, while this is a direct follow up to House of Chains, it also reads a bit like an indirect follow up to Night of Knives, which is great. The books seem to be interconnected in a way that feels really natural.
"Mystery is important. To know everything, to know the whole truth, is dull. There is no magic in that. Magic is not knowing, magic is wondering about what and how and where." ~ Cortez, from The Longest Journey
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