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June 13th, 2014, 23:22
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
RPS: "Cities feel amazingly alive – You thought Skyrim’s “Radiant” AI was impressive? Or if not impressive then at least a cut above the mindless mobs that tend to populate videogame worlds? Well, Witcher 3′s variation on the theme looked magnificently natural. Children shouted and played tag, adults walked and chatted, fires crackled, water wheels churned, etc, etc, etc. It was so palpably alive. Our presenter noted that NPCs react the all sorts of things, too: the time of day, weather, Geralt punching them - every valid and rational human concern.
This guy obviously haven't played Witcher 1 since all those things (except punching maybe) were present in that game. And yes, world of Witcher 1 was more alive than Skyrim (and Gothic I) as well!
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