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June 14th, 2014, 01:22
Richard needs to return to his roots…

I'm a long time Ultima fan and a backer at the $150 level (boxed CE)… but I doubt I'll even play SotA. Most likely, I'll just keep it shrink-wrapped and add it to my collection as a sad footnote to Ultima history.

I was an original UO beta tester, and it was fun for a while, but MMOs really aren't for me.
Originally, I had high hopes for SotA, which promised both a persistent online world and a 40 hour single player campaign. But with the MMO thrust of this game, I'm afraid the SP component will be nothing more than an afterthought. And the whole housing for sale debacle has really soured me on the MMO portion of this game.

Richard Garriott has lost touch with the fans. All we really want is another single player experience on par with Ultima 7 or Ultima 4. If Richard had a clue how much that is worth to those like me, he would forget charging at his MMO windmills. If SotA had been single player only, and I thought Richard had the right team together to recapture some of that old Ultima magic, I honestly would've pledged $1000 or more. In fact, I'll take that a step further… If I could actually invest in that game, I'd have gone into debt to invest $10K! Just imagine how successful that crowdfunding campaign would've been.
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