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June 17th, 2014, 21:13
About "Philly" : Attacking poor villages is something normally no-one does; and it is against honour and the Twelvegods anyway (especially against Phex).

An "pirate watch-out" system was never installed as far as I know, and at least regardimng Thorwalian pirates this was unneccessary due to the fear of them for the curse to strike anyway. I don't know about other pirates … I don't have the description book for that region, as I don't have many anyway. It might contain things I don't know of.

Regarding the curse itself : I had bought the book "the Curce of the Riverfather" on the RPC, and the book told me that this curse was based on an love relationship between the Riverfather's son and an female Thorwalian piratre ages ago, which the Riverfather didn't like. THat's the reason behiond the curse the Riverfather made, and the book tells me that in current times not even the Riverfather remembers its cause. And his son "lives" (as far as faery creatures like that can live) cut away in another lake.

The book is basically an description foir a game master to make an adventure out of it, featuring a group of heroes lifting the curse (in the end) and battling one rather demonic creature from the Riverfather's court.
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