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June 22nd, 2014, 00:40
Originally Posted by pibbur who View Post
Not to be nitpicking (ok, I am), but why is this game still on the front page? It failed miserably (sadly) on KS. Is it still being developed?
It's on the front page becase it can't be moved unless we delete it. Also the developer is still making the game, and I posted about in the news this month.

So in-case you missed it here it is.

Link - http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/news?ref=0&id=694#27353

Hey everyone! Well as most of you have already surmised, unless there are some last minute angel investors we may not make our goal. That being said, we are still making this game! If you want to stay in the loop we'll be starting a mailing list and giving you guys the link. This will be an exclusive mailing list only for our Kickstarter backer fans (even if we don't get funded). We want to give you something for your faith and loyalty and keep you in the loop and release early content to you guys, making you part of the closed alpha and beta process so please stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing list when we post it. It will be a private post to backers only. So let's stay excited and get this game done using plan B, C or D. So please stay tuned for the next update so you can get on the list and stay in the loop! Thanks so much for your support and loyalty throughout this process! I know it may seem a little disapointing to some people but don't worry! We'll make it happen. It just might take a bit longer now.
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