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June 25th, 2014, 17:39
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I bought Anachronox on Steam. Heard it's another sleeper gem of a game. No clue when I'll get around to it but at least I got it super cheap .
1. Superb story
2. Superb music
3. Endless respawns - but you won't get annoyed as you won't revisit areas much
4. TB combat
5. Interesting minigames
6. Impossible to port onto phones

Cons (just one):
1. Badly dated graphics

It's one of the best games I've ever played. If whoever holds rights "fixes" only graphics and leaves everything else untouched, you'll see a new bestseller.
The game is not short by any means, but the ending is left open (although you win) and it just cries for a sequel.

One thing more about mobrespawns - the game is designed smart so no matter how much you grind deliberately (exit and enter areas to trigger respawns), you won't profit from it. In fact if it was remade without respawns it'd be even better.

Why it wasn't a bestseller back then?
Because of Daikatana.
If you're not sure what I mean by that, check sales of an upcoming Ubisoft game after what they did with Watch Dogs.
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