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June 25th, 2014, 22:21
Daikatana was the title Romero threatened with to have our balls on a plate when we see it. It was supposed to be the game of the century, the best thing ever, a revolution in video games!
You saw Daikatana? Played (at least a bit)?
If you did, would you instabuy the next game that had any connection with his studio? Yea, neither did meany people. Everyone thought Anachronox is just as bad if not worse.


Ubisoft on E3 vid in 2012 shown Watch Dogs for the first time and we got the game about a month ago.
Oh, it is an eyecandy, trust me, it is. But it's NOT what they promised. They deliberately dropped down the graphics quality on PC!

A proof? Some modder found all those files and unlocked them!
Why did Ubisoft do that? Because it's a "nextgen" game. Imagine furious console buyers who'd discover that yet again, when it comes to graphics - PC still rules!

Oh and… They've made an official statement that they did that because it could affect the performance. Or in other words - they call us, gamers, buyers - IDIOTS.
See, there is a certain game out there, you've probably heard about it, it's called The Witcher 2. Yea, if you turn on ubersampling to get better graphics, it can affect your machine performance. Honestly it can. But did they lock the option out? Of course not! It's there so we can use it as we see fit. Or… When we buy a supercomputer.

Will you buy the next eyecandy promise from Ubisoft? On PC?
Well, be my guest. I will not. Unless ppl say it's just as advertised.
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