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July 19th, 2014, 10:22
How about we let people enjoy what they enjoy and forget about it?

If they feel the need to underline their dislike in every thread, so what? It's their need - and it's hardly a big problem. Game was a success and it seems to me quite respected by most fans of serious and mature stories in RPGs.

I certainly think it was fantastic - even if the tutorial section could have been handled differently. That said, it certainly set the tone in a big way - and the ending of the tutorial was more moving than a dozen stories of an average RPG.

If I sat down and watched The Two Towers without Fellowship of the Ring, I'd probably be a bit confused as well. Then again, I'm the sort of person who likes to do things in order - so I'd watch the first film and decide if it's worth my time. I'd never expect a sequel to go out of its way to explain the past and history - as it's…. a sequel.

Then again, I'm from Europe and we have another kind of tradition when it comes to storytelling. It's not often about pure profit and our stories aren't necessarily products from a huge factory. EU movies rarely focus on getting everyone in the seats. We tend to dislike being hand-held and treated like morons as an audience - which might be why some of our stuff can be hard to get into, if you don't bother to invest.

Certainly, the first Witcher game is very quirky and expects a lot from the audience. I had quite some difficulty getting into some of it - and the sequel was a huge improvement, actually. But it's still got that EU flavor where you have to think a bit about stuff.

You know?




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