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July 19th, 2014, 11:09
Originally Posted by Burress View Post
In Poland, Geralt is probably bigger than Batman. Outside of Poland, if you played the first game, you had a clue as to what was going on and who you were.

If you have an inherent respect for the divine rule of kings, you may automatically care that someone is assassinating royalty. Otherwise, they need to build up the significance to the player through their narrative. I don't think they did a good job of this. You either played the first game, or had no reason at all to care about Foltest or this conflict going on.

It's cool now though, they appear to be Skyrimming this game. Let you wander a bit, develop your own identity, and pick your path before really driving a story home.
The player doesn't have to care about "divine rule" - he just needs to be able to put himself in the situation Geralt finds himself in. In that world, it's a big deal to have a relationship with a king - and you don't really want to be accused of killing them.

Also, believe it or not - kings are human beings, and when you watch them slaughtered in front of their children, you kinda respond if you have some empathy.

Well, I'm not saying you necessarily have empathy - but most people do.

If you can't spend an hour to invest yourself in another world and the characters inhabiting it, that's fine. But don't expect a game to perform miracles and give you a reason to care until it's done setting things up.

Again, it's not your average RPG or Hollywood story - and you sometimes have to decide for yourself what to think and feel about what's going on. It's a bit like in real life - where you don't know everyone around, and you have to sort of develop a relationship with events before you can form a useful opinion about them.

I know that's unusual in games - as you typically get a sign pointing to the bad guy within 5 minutes, but it can pay off to invest yourself all the same.

If you don't think so, there's always Bioware games.




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