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July 19th, 2014, 13:56
Originally Posted by Burress View Post
CDPR is apparently trying to "perform miracles", because they were criticizing their own approach in the article above. Too fast, too much assumed, too much about a big war the player might not care about.
Yes, their budget is bigger now - and they have to dumb it down a bit so you can enjoy it along with people who don't mind investing themselves in a good yarn.

TW1 and TW2 definitely did many things wrong when it comes to mainstream appeal.

But, you see, I don't think doing things for mainstream appeal is necessarily best for a game. But then, I don't have to concern myself with budgets.

I'm glad you think it's a good thing for the game, though - and maybe they'll find a nice balance.

It worked for you though. I saw a pompous guy ordering a bunch of people slaughtered in this war I was by default participating in, with my character immediately snarky to Triss about how petty the conflict was. So he gets killed, and that is what the game is about. Children or not, he wasn't much to care about.
Who told you to care about the character? Foltest didn't appeal to me that much either, but Geralt appeals to me - and I was moved by the little girl watching her father get his throat cut. It was well done for a game.

Also, a king being arrogant and ordering people around? That's unheard of

It makes me optimistic about the W3 that CDPR found fault with many of the same things I did in the Witcher 2. That must trouble you about the upcoming game, because you defend these things vigorously.
It depends on the execution. I'm mostly a gameplay guy - and if they dumb everything down to include people like you who don't enjoy investing, then I won't like it.

That said, they're probably just talking about the introduction - and I don't mind if the rest of the story is as deep and compelling as in TW2. I already know the story, so I don't mind a bit of handholding for the casuals.

But they better not go all Hollywood on it!




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