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July 26th, 2014, 12:18
A new Trojan called Retefe is uninstalling itself after the infection - and it is still able to effectively operate, though indirectly, then.

More information for example here : http://www.microsoft.com/security/po…Retefe.A#tab=2


Steals sensitive information

Trojan:Win32/Retefe.A can steal sensitive information from your PC, such as your online user names and passwords. It does this by installing a fake self-signed certificate and intercepting traffic through your Internet browser.

It installs a fake self-signed certificate with the thumbprint 3DDF56A7004D90034D77E2D97F68C56FAA3C93AD:


It then installs the self-signed certificate to be used by the Firefox browser.

It also changes the DNS server to an IP address of a server controlled by the attacker. We have seen the following IP addresses being used:

Stops processes

Trojan:Win32/Retefe.A terminates the following processes if they are running:

In short, the Trojan installs its own self-signed certificate, and redirects browsers to the trojan's web sitres, which appear to be trustable, because of the trojan's certificate …
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