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July 30th, 2014, 20:37
Visuals aren't huge with me either. I can still play the original Gothic and appreciate it visually. Even in dated games there is an artistic direction that works with what they have and it ends up looking alright, even if it has fallen way behind the norm.

The thing with R2 on console was that it appeared that the art vision was trampled on, such that I couldn't help but feel there was an ugliness everywhere I went. I know the port was outsourced, and it seems like they just lowered the resolution to the point it worked, turned off AA, and let textures pop-in and called it a day. They butchered it enough that it looked worse than any PB game to me.

I didn't play R2 on PC, but I did play the original Risen on PC and I was pleased with it. My assumption was that they didn't take a big step backward on the PC from the original Risen, but that could be wrong. Was R2 a lot uglier than R1 on PC?
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