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August 15th, 2014, 05:57
Since we've taken level 23, we've functionally decided that XP is no longer a driving concern. That means we're running stuff for entertainment or loot. I'd like to see us run something new-to-most-of-us for the novelty factor: epic Sentinels. It's not a bad chain and I'd bet the majority of us have never run it on epic. Might even be an interesting item or two, although I didn't bother to check.

If that's not a popular proposal, then I'd say Az has the idea. Eveningstar2, Cannith raids, or perhaps we finally take that long overdue swing at Litany. Since it's been a few weeks, we could also drag the Old Man thru another guild Shroud run if we were feeling feisty. I'd prefer to skip the DA farming run for a week so we don't completely burn out.

BTW, I got a Skype update Monday night, so y'all might want to plan accordingly to avoid version conflicts.

BTW, part deux: We have a new guildie that doesn't know all of our us's. UPDATE YER ROSTERS, YA PUKES!
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