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August 25th, 2014, 04:12
So then, Reywind will be an hour or so late next week. He knocked out the Schindl-whatever explorers with Peter and Aletys today so that the group could finish that off to kill time until he arrives. Apparently, there's a strong request to run heroic Storm Horns next (several people apparently wanting that guardian ring with 24PRR). I was planning on us sticking to epic content from here on out, but I guess it really doesn't matter much to me. The plan that was presented to me is that between Schindl-whatever explorers and over-level-reduced XP from Storm Horns, Corwin and I should cross the line for toon level 24. Not sure if that will prove to be accurate, but it just might be close enough. So that's our plan for next week. If ya don't like it, complain to Reywind, Peter, and Aletys.

Any word on when the paladin rework is supposed to go live? I've got enough epic tokens to bring Shadohe around, but I figured I should wait until the update comes out just in case paladin actually becomes interesting. Be a shame to have to waste an LR heart just because I lacked patience.
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