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August 2nd, 2021, 08:44
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
Well, turns out I just had to sleep a few times before various events were triggered. I think that has now changed in the new version. anyway, I'm done with KoTC2. It's just not that enjoyable to play (for me, YMMV) - even on the new easier 'normal' mode. Easy mode is too easy, but even in 'normal' mode when enemies are crippled somewhat many fights are extremely long and if you make one misstep or don't use some specific trick, you've had it. Any *every* enemy caster - an dthere are usually several - uses web/quicksand/entangeā€¦.he who wins initiative, wins. Anyway, each to their own - maybe I'll check out the module that follows augury of chaos.
Yes, the Augury of Chaos mod is somewhat of a dead duck at the moment, suitable only for that 0.1% of players who have that intrinsic determination to complete insanely difficult content by optimising the most optimisable aspects of a ruleset. Sort of like those old fan mods of early 2000s Real Time Strategy Games that require you to not only do everything in precisely the right order but also to be lucky while you do.

However, please don't eject your love of the game just because of this mod. I'm currently playing Dorateen's Harkenwold mod and after 35 hours in the game I'm still very much enjoying myself. Full review of it to come at a later date, but, really, if you haven't ever played Harkenwold in any previous format then it's something that makes KotC2 value for money even at this stage and is a wonderful showcase for the engine and its systems. Pretend Harkenwold is the base game until more mods come along.
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