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December 2nd, 2006, 12:43
I prefer fast combat. I absolutely despise turnbased, it is so dull and boring. Mind you, I hate playing chess as well
For me, an RPG is about the story, my character, exploration, interaction, and loot/inventory management. I never got further then 2 hours into Fallout, and the FF games leave me bored. If they would cut out the combat completely and release them as movies, I might like them, but the games them selves absolutely do not appeal to me.

Now, having said that, the reason why I like my combat fast, is because to me, combat is not the most important part to an RPG. I want that over with rather quickly, so I can go on to the important things.
The best games (as far as I'm concerned) offer a good storyline and dialog to break up combat (like KoToR or and NWN2) or other activities, like crafting, fishing, cooking, and so. Morrowind did this nicely for me, with the large amount of readable books, the option to repair my own armor, alchemy, and so on. I also love to just walk in the cities, talk to people and window shop in that game.
WOW also seems to get the balance right for me, I love the ingame crafting, and the fact that I can walk from point A to point B without constantly getting into a fight.
Games like that allow me the choice if I want to go questing and fight, or if I feel like crafting and exploring instead.

So i am oddly in the middle here, I like my combat fast in and Real Time, but I don't like contineous hack'n'slash either…
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