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December 2nd, 2006, 16:23
I have twisted feelings about "Diablo Clones". While I have played a few of them (Dungeon Siege, Sacred, Throne of Darkness) only Dungeon Siege 2 stood out of the crowd thanks to the numerous sidequests, NPC's with personal behavior/quests/attitude as well as alot of background story.

"Titan Quest" arrived when I had a few too many games to play, so I skipped it in hope that I would not look back later on. Now I am drained and look for games I might enjoy anyway. Im the kind of person who play RPG's for the storyline, the adventure and the exploration, so as long as that's ok I can overlook flaws with balance/mechanics. By first sight Titan Quest appears to be just a diablo clone without much of a storyline where you just need an excuse to fight through an endless horde of nameless foes.

I wanted to ask, if someone played it, how is Titan Quest storywise? Can you recruit henchmen, companions or a party? Is there any depth to the game beyond combat mechanics?
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