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December 3rd, 2006, 17:48
txa1265, I liked both of your reviews alot.

I liked MK for the more story based adventure though things did seem very disjointed and rushed out for the holidays.
I also enjoyed it for reason I think your kids and wife didn't.

I really enjoy the fact women can be portraied as strong, sexy and herions, much of it if not all Medieval Fantasy Art has always been that way, maybe based on Joan of Ark?
I have no problems with it in this context or nudity in general but I don't support with my dollars the way women are portraied in games like GTA series, since that is intended as abusive, demeaning and derogatory.

I certainly understand not showing it to younger kids whom might not understand, since kids say the funnyest things to there friends.

The story in TQ never pulled me in, even though I was looking forward to the Mythology.
I think MK has a better story (when refering to story in these type games I mean more like B Movie good, not Shakespeare good ) than TQ but as good as TQ looks I like MK's looks and art style better, you could zoom in on the characters and see some real detail, including some diverse enviroments, especially the Japanese style level with the plum (?) trees.

There is not doubt it was shipped at least 3 months early as seems to be the case with most games this year.
It might be my imagination or is it getting worst every year?

When it comes to having a Coop style Diablo hack and slash though I think TQ wins hands down, its more about mindless mass slaying with your freinds.
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