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December 3rd, 2006, 22:38
Originally Posted by RatavuK View Post
Sometimes i think playing Oblivion makes some reviewer sometimes sort of narrow minded in regard of other rpg's.
I'm totally SURE of that - only with Blizzards Action-RPGs.

The point is, that ALL German gaming mags say "this is like this game" or "this is not like this game". The Acrion-RPG is mentioned anyway, as if it was the crown of everything all RPGs have to be meaured with.

What actually worries more is this :

but don’t waste valuable time posting in forums when there is a job to be done.
One word : Ignorance. Gothic LIVES by the contributions of their community ! The reviewer(s) seem simply not to know about how things acttually are in the forums there !

EA, Atari and all other major publisher are the direct opposite : They are tight shut like a bank safe keeping all of its money. All they let out are sales rfeports, nothing less.
Of course, there are forums there, but I doubt that anything written there actually into the company itself ! "Why bother with these people who have already given us their money ?"
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