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October 18th, 2006, 19:06
I am trying to do get to nordmar by the pass in the city… ieek… Farin(?). I should bring tree gifts to three orcs. One will have special kind of liquor, but he won't talk to me anymore.

I lied to the orc watching the castle about where i got the skin. Now the hunter "Wilson" wont talk to me.

I have gotten all wolf pelts to this guard and he "likes" me and i will soon be allowed into the castle but i miss 11 %. And i don't know what to do. Did i break anything when i screwed wilson? I have done pretty much anything there is. Killed som trolls, hunted wolfs, cleared a dungeon from goblins, won the arena fights, but there is somehting missing

The orc at the pass told m to get booze to all his men. How much Booze should i get?

Right now i am thinking of killing of the whole town. I will probably have to do it sooner or later and right now sooner sounds very nice!
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