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December 4th, 2006, 18:51
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Defensive magic is far more valuable than offensive. Unless I build a "crippled" party that can't cast the spells, I always keep 5 spells running at all times: light, missle shield, magic screen, enchanted blade, and armorplate. The first three I would call "absolutely, positively". As you get further into the game, you'll want access to the portal spells, element shield and soul shield. Other spells that might come in handy are knock-knock and divine traps (depending on your party build).

You should plan on investing in spell books whenever possible. Has anyone showed you the formula for what spells you can learn? I've got a couple spreadsheets I use, one that shows all the spells so I can keep track of what books I should buy, and one that tracks various things that might be considered spoilers. I could email them to you if you so desire, but not until I return home this weekend.

For offense (and as I've mentioned elsewhere, I have a sumo mentality), I like a few, depending again on your party build. Status spells are nice since a paralyzed/insane/asleep critter doesn't attack and gives you double melee damage. Insanity and freeze are good for that. Shrill sound is a good cone spell and there are less critters with air resistance than some of the other realms. It's generally good to have at least one "ball effect" spell (fireball) since that's the only way to deal with the range advantage enemy casters have (they cheat).

Not much of a recipe, I'm afraid, but a lot depends on your party build and the way you choose to develop your chars.
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