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December 5th, 2006, 05:22
Well if iir he recomends it, but to only hardcore in its current state which doesn't seem to unreasonalbe since they (we/I) are the only ones whom will tolerate the current state.

Goes on to mention that its been 2 months since official release in Germany, with many of the bugs and problems still existing, then his concern that it could take many months more to finally stablize the game.

I can't help but wonder how things will play out, clearly after seeing the report of the Jo "Whores Gothic" Wood finacial report where the CEO (?) says a sequal is in the works even before the unfinished game is rushed out for released.

So is PB being forced to have most of its creq working on the sequal (expansion) or are the majority actually trying to finish the game first?

Sad state of affairs.
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