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December 5th, 2006, 15:02
What Hidden X said on the Lord.
I haven't played as much as lots of folks here, but I have restarted my party about twelve times --I tried a Rawulf Lord, then Priest dual-classed to a Lord-and perhaps with a lot of patience he might have developed, but compared to a Valkyrie there just wasn't the damage, and the dual wield was pretty feeble as a skill.

On the other hand , you will be able to pick up an RPC who is a very good Valkyrie, so you could plan on another class for one slot. I would keep it a frontline fighter type, though.

I have a bard, and she does as much damage with her instruments as a spellcaster with spells. Because playing the instrument relies on using stamina, she is immediately back up after a battle, rather than having to rest to regain mana. When she loses stamina in combat, I have my Bishop cast the stamina spell, which gives the Bishop a chance to increase the water realm skill. She (bard) is working out pretty good with Locks & Traps as well.

Downside, I hear that later in the game she might not have access to as powerful items, but don't know yet.

The Bishop is awesome, but takes time to develop. As dteowner said in another thread, saving your spell picks at an early level is good. Just let them mount up til you are about level 7 when you can start picking some more powerful spells.
You can buy, steal or find a lot of low-level spellbooks.

There's a good Bishop guide(no spoilers) at this link:


posted at the same time as Alrik, so someone more knowledgable confirms the Valk advice!
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