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December 5th, 2006, 19:02
Cormac, your party will work, although you're a little heavy on casters IMO. Races aren't that critical, but your choices look fine to me. The only drawback to a hobbit gadgy is less stamina than an equivalent human. Not a major deal, though. With your party, I'd drop the bishop and replace with some sort of melee type.

I don't remember if I've posted this here before, but here's my "magic formula" for a first time player's party (not in order)
1 ranger (autosearch is too valuable not to have, can serve as potion mixer)
1 lock-n-trap (rogue, bard, or gadgy)
1 healer (priest or bishop)
1 offense caster (mage, psi, bishop, alch)
2 tanks (fighter, valk, sammy, lord, monk, ninja)
I would avoid bishops, lords, ninjas, and alchemists for first-timers. They're fun, but it helps to have some experience as you try to develop them. I also don't like rogues. Pickpocket is badly nerfed in v1.2.4, so you end up with an average melee type with no spell ability.

There is no female-only instrument in the game. There is a female-only magic item that is useful to bards, but it's not a "must-have". Robert Plant is eligible.

The valk's cheat death isn't really that useful after the early levels, IMO. The biggest selling point is that there are some good polearms in the game and a properly developed valk (very simple development path, BTW) can do a ton of damage.

Bard vs gadgy: both are fun to play. The bard is a touch easier to develop (assuming they are your L&T guy). A gadgy is weak in the early game, since you won't have the pieces for many gadgets and the omnigun isn't great. The bard is best in the early and mid-game, but is a little weak at the end. The gadgy can be a real butt-kicker in the endgame, both with powerful gadgets and a seriously upgraded omnigun.

The best melee type based on raw damage is a lord. It's a pain to develop a lord properly and it takes a while to get the 2 weapons that make it work, but when all is said and done they can be a total meat blender.

I guess that's enough lecturing for now.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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