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December 5th, 2006, 19:29
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Thanks Dhruin, great read.

I don't know if I agree on either point.
First we have all kinds of reviewers is it wrong to have a different style, to ask about philosophy when your talking to a dev that makes some of the most philosophically intriging games?
I was thinking more of just the guy's first question. "Thief is an allegory for capitalism because in capitalism you get rich by stealing from people and then calling it your own". If capitalism is all about stealing from people then Ken Levine must be a thief too, because he has been successful in the capitalist system. The same could be said for the guys at Bungie, Gabe Newell, Sid Meier, or John Carmack. That was one of the dumber interview quetions that I have read in recent memory.

The gameplay in the Bioshock video looked DX:IW-ish to me. And by that, I mean simplistic and dumbed down for consoles in a similiar way, with mediocre implementation of action elements. The role-playing system appears to consist only of replaceable upgrades, like what Invisible War had, and every time that I see an interview with Ken Levine he uses the same language that Harvey Smith and Warren Spector were using back in 2003. He's right about System Shock 2 being an inaccessible game for a lot of people, but I still cringe when I hear that word expression "making the game more accessible". It's just a bad sign.

In the meantime, I think that the game's unique setting and weird story will keep mainstream and casual gamers away from it. Hardcore gamers will be unsatisfied by the dumbed down gameplay and casual gamers will stick to Halo 3 or "button mashing fantasy RPG #38". Irrational is one of those companies that I'll give a chance on anything based upon their track record, but I'm not very optomistic. I thought that Ion Storm couldn't fuck a game up but I was wrong. I think that any studio can.
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