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December 5th, 2006, 21:53
doctor_kaz, ahh I see more of what you mean but I hope you are just overly worried.
I sence that KenL is smart enough to avoid the obvious (even back then) pitfalls commited by Ion Storm.
This would be easy to accomplish with a Tutorial/Hint helper on and off switch.

Yeah I disagree Dyne.
Capitalism is not about punishing thieves, like all soicalities there has been ways addressing or preventing theivery, thoughout history.
Capitalism is about (at least here in the US) about privatizing public asssets through bribery of officials and subversive deregualtion of laws intended to protect the public and the lands.
Laws like those of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Enviromental Law, Labor Law and Food and Drug Saftey to name a few, which are all under attack for the last 12 years as an example.

Political intrigue and corruption are huge targets ripe for story tellers.
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