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December 5th, 2006, 23:04
corporations have done far worse things in real life than in games. that aside their are no bad/evil corporations…just those in them who do such deeds. enron for example had plenty of "normal/good" people working in it who got used. a corporation is simply one of societies largests assets/tool/weapon that holds a lot of power over people and money. no corporation is benign, unless non-profit, so if a corporation is portrayed in a game developers have to push it towards the 'evil' side since an average company would not be intersting or have any 'power' urges that would lead it to do things that would affect the story.

but yes im not sure what corporation is in bloodlines either. comparing the camarilla to a corporation is kind of a stretch since it is a society of people/vampires. and there are 'good' people in the camarilla that don't have the same 'goals' as those in charge. just like there are people in the anarchs who aren't all that 'good' either.

these games give you actual choices. they don't say which is 'right' or 'wrong' like so many things try to.

@roqua-if people(not me) aren't able to make comments about christians, i think you should not talk about 'hippies' in a derogatory manner, or cheapen words like protest, simply since you obviously disagree with anything those stand for.

and yes ken levine has 'brainwashed' me into wanting to buy any game he makes.

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